7 ways to Engage your Natural Learners

Every person in your Bible study group has a preferred way they like to learn. Researchers have identified 8 ways people learn, and “Natural” is one of them. Few adult group leaders appeal to this particular learning approach. It’s much more common to find Natural methods being used in kids’ groups. Natural learners enjoy learning activities that incorporate items from nature into the Bible study.

If you teach a Bible study, here are a few ways to appeal to the Natural learners in your midst:

  1. Show a picture of something from nature (a flower, mountain, lightning, star, branch, animal, etc).
  2. Bring an item from nature to the group and either display it or pass it around (which turns a Natural activity into a Physical activity!).
  3. Invite group members to tell stories about a time they encountered God through His creation.
  4. Take a nature walk.
  5. Plant a tree, bush, or plant.
  6. Participate in an activity that is “green” and designed to protect God’s world.
  7. Sort through items from nature.

There are many stories in the Bible that have natural elements:  the earthquake that shook the Philippian jail, Jesus riding on a donkey, Jesus and his disciples crossing a great lake, a withered fig tree, the disciples catching a mess of fish, Elijah and the story of rain, and so many more. The next time you have a Bible study that includes something from nature, why not include something from nature to appeal to your Natural learners? Get creative – they’ll really appreciate it!


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