My Books

I have two books in process and hope to release one in 2018 and another in 2019. Stay tuned!


Shepherd: Creating Caring Community

This is the last book in the “3 Roles” series of books co-authored with David Francis, LifeWay’s Director of Sunday School for over a decade. In this final book, we delve into the topic of shepherd-teachers and how they can use their influence to create a caring environment in their Bible study groups.

I had the privilege of speaking into the entire book, but wrote chapter 2 specifically. In it, I help group leaders think through ways they can create a caring community before, during, and after their group’s Bible study.

Dr. Ken Coley from Southeastern Seminary was our co-author, and he wrote chapter 3. In that final chapter, he uses his expertise as a seminary professor to help group leaders understand the science of teaching and how through their preparation and in-class delivery, they can care for the needs of the men and women in their Bible studies.


Leader: Creating Commissioned Community

What would God have us do to become a commissioned community? Everyone in your Bible study leader-cccgroup needs to be talking about this important question. The purpose of this book is to provide a framework for conversations about outreach and evangelism through Sunday School and small groups. You will find ways to talk about how to keep your group outwardly focused, what principles reinforce what your group does, and why you need to be worried about it in the first place.

Written for everyone involved in a Bible study group, Leader is the third of four books in the “3 Roles” series. These books encourage groups and group leaders to create conversational communities (Teacher), create caring communities (Shepherd), and create commissioned communities (Leader).



Teacher: Creating Conversational Community

This book is designed to help church leadersTeacher - Conversational Community train volunteers who lead a Sunday school class or small-group Bible study.

Teaching is one of the three roles for which every Bible study leader is responsible, but that doesn’t mean the teacher simply has to stand and deliver a lecture . The book identifies elements of teaching that create a community built upon conversation around the biblical text and active learning approaches.

The book explores the four “voices” of conversational community: Bible, Holy Spirit, Learners, and Teacher. It also guides the teacher on what to Say, Ask, and Do.



3 Roles for Guiding Groups

This book, co-authored with LifeWay’s Director of Sunday school, David Francis, is 3 Roles Covera four-session resource helping those who lead Bible study better understand and share what it means to be the teacher who “stands before,” the shepherd who “sits among,” and the leader who is responsible for carrying out the goals and purposes of the group. This resource will ultimately help that person grow in all three roles.


  • Three chapters – one on each role
  • A group plan at the end of each chapter helps the pastor, minister of education, Sunday School director, or other leader use this booklet to train the Bible study “guides” in the church
  • Conference plans (45 min.) are included at the end of the Introduction and each chapter


How-To Sunday School Manual How To SS Manual Cover

My friend and groups ministry trainer Wayne Poling compiled this book that contains short, to-the-point chapters written by education ministry practitioners and other experts. Together with dozens of other contributors, Wayne offers practical tips for organizing and leading your Sunday School ministry. I contributed a couple of chapters to Wayne’s book, and I believe you’ll find it helpful and practical.



    • Carolyn, please send me your address and zip and I’ll mail you copies of all of the books for free! I’d start with the “3 Roles for Guiding Groups” book. There will be 4 total.


      Ken Braddy

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