Coaching & Consulting

To connect with me about speaking, training, consulting, or coaching, fill out the brief form here, and I’ll be back in touch with you very soon.


Do you need help growing to the next level? We can meet at a pace that will meet your goals, your schedule, and your objectives. A coaching relationship could be a single session, or it may last for a number of sessions during which we work together to help you grow in areas that are important to you and your ministry.


A consulting relationship is a way to educate, encourage, and equip church staff leaders. A customized plan can be developed that might include topics such as:

  • Foundations in Sunday School/groups Ministry. Essential principles of groups ministry help staff leaders to make wise decisions about the church’s Bible teaching ministries.
  • Bible Study Organization Review. I’ll review your organization, enrollment, and attendance, looking for gaps that represent new opportunities to reach underserved people in your church and/or community.
  • Website Review.  I will help you more clearly communicate discipleship options and opportunities to your guests.
  • Demographic Survey. A demographic report about your church’s ministry sphere can help you identify ministry opportunities in your community by analyzing the latest data about the people in your area.
  • Space Analysis. A space analysis helps church leaders see bottlenecks and opportunities for growth. I will make recommendations to maximize your space in order to grow your disciplemaking ministry.
  • Budget Review. I’ll review your budget to maximize your impact through Sunday school, discipleship, and small group ministries.

To inquire about training, coaching, or consulting, please fill out the form here. 


    • Linda, just go to and sign up in the right sidebar menu…you’ll only have to enter your email address, and then daily posts will be delivered there around 7:45AM CST. Thanks! Ken

  1. Bible studies for life: fall 2018.thanks for your excellent material.
    However,in the November 4 th lesson in the students book, there is an error. On page 125, next to last paragraph, last sentence, it says ….. so he pleaded with God for healing. Check the scripture for the accuracy of this.

    • Ann, thanks for reaching out. By “students” do you mean “adult students”? If yes, which version are you using? Young adults? Adults? KJV adults? Senior adults?

  2. Mr. Braddy. I have been asked to be the SS director for our church, Central Baptist North Little Rock, AR. I have read your new book, “Breathing Life Into SS” twice now and loved it and have gleaned a lot from it. I see you have a training scheduled at a church in Collierville on February 23. Is it possible for me attend this? What is the cost and a schedule?
    Norman Gillaspie

    • Hello Norman, that event was canceled by the church in Collierville, so I won’t be in the Memphis area on that date. If I was going to be, you would most certainly be welcome to attend the training. I’m going to update that on my training dates page right now…sorry that I forgot to remove it when they canceled a few weeks ago. And thanks for picking up a copy of the book!

      By the way, my team at LifeWay hosts a 3-day training event for SS Directors and others who are in charge of their church’s Sunday School. It begins on a Monday at 1PM and ends on Wednesday at 11:30AM. The event is FREE for you to attend – all you have to do is get to Nashville and we pick up meals, hotel, etc. It’s an invitation only event, and we only take 25 people max at each one. If you are interested, reply back and I’ll send you some dates. Consider this your invitation!

      Ken Braddy

      • We would be interested when you and the lifeway team host the 3 day training event in Nashville in the future. Have a blessed day.

  3. Hello Pastor, I have one more question to add to your blog. What about the parking lot/s you know that is a place of congregation of the practitioners after services which needs to be address? Thanks

  4. I’m trying to find your comments that I read the other day about using ZOOM to teach.
    I want to share your comments but I’m unable to find them again.

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