On-Site Training

I would be honored to spend time with your group leaders, and to work with you to customize the content so that it fits the needs of your church. I’ve delivered keynote addresses and led workshops for churches and other organizations in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Idaho, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, South Dakota, and New Mexico.

If you’d like to visit about bringing me to your location, click here to go to the Contact Me page and we can begin a conversation about creating a live event for your leaders.

Here are just a few of the workshops that I could bring to your location:

Title Time Required Description
Breathing Life Into Sunday School 2, 4, or 6 hour versions 12 essentials for revitalizing and reviving any Sunday School; based on the book by the same name
Following up with First-time Guests 1-1.5 hours Assimilation tips and tricks for group leaders; practical steps for involving new people in the life of the group
3 Roles for Guiding Groups 2.5-3 hours Based on the book by David Francis and Ken Braddy; the 3 key roles of teacher, shepherd and leader are explored.
Teacher: Creating Conversational Community 2.5-3 hours Based on the book by Francis, Braddy, & Kelley; teachers must make 3 key decisions each week: What will I say? What will I ask? What will I do? The goal is to do more than lecture so that learners are engaged in discussion and exploration.
Shepherd: Creating Caring Community 2.5-3 hours Teachers have a responsibility to shepherd their people well. Based on the book by Francis, Braddy, & Coley, Creating Caring Community gives group leaders practical ways to look after the people on their class ministry lists before, during, and after the class session
Saddle Up: Leading with Purpose, Posture, and Preparedness 2.5-3 hours Based on the book by Braddy, Kelley, & McCrary, group leaders will discover the purpose of Sunday School, how to have a servant’s posture as they lead, and how to be prepared to lead a great Bible study each week
Asking Great Questions & Leading Great Discussion 1 – 1.5 hours Teaching is more than telling; this workshop teaches group leaders how to craft effective discussion questions, and helps them identify questions that are poorly phrased which will not generate great discussion in the group
6 Tools for Building a Better Bible Study 1 – 1.5 hours Every teacher wants to know how to improve their delivery, and in this workshop teachers will learn how to use six different essential tools that can catapult their teaching to new levels.
Missionary Sunday School 2.5 – 3 hours Based on the book by David Francis, MSS helps group leaders discover the missionary beginnings of Sunday School, and how to be missionaries to the culture today through this 300+ year old missionary movement; content will help teachers and groups maintain and outward focus.
Leader: Creating Commissioned Community 2.5 – 3 hours Teachers will learn how to keep their group’s focus on evangelism as they learn 20 practices, principles, and perspectives on reaching people for Christ; based on the book by Francis, Taylor, & Braddy
Countdown: Leading & Launching Transformational Groups 2.5 – 3 hours Based on the book by Francis and Howerton, these two men (one Sunday school and one small group) teach principles for using groups to reach and teach people the Bible.
Great Expectations: Planting Seeds for Sunday School Growth 2.5 – 3 hours Based on the book by David Francis, three expectations of group leaders are presented: Expect new people every week; Expect people to say yes; Expect classes to reproduce
The Extreme Sunday School Challenge 2.5 – 3 hours The challenge facing most groups and most churches is that they are not starting enough new groups to keep up with growth; based on the book by Francis and Raley, learn how to prepare for growth through the Sunday School as new groups are started.
Transformational Class 2.5 – 3 hours Based on the research behind the book Transformational Groups, David Francis’ book focuses attention on the need for groups to have a missionary mentality, vibrant leadership, relational intentionality, and prayerful dependence.
One Hundred: Charting a Course Past 100 in Sunday School 2.5 – 3 hours The average church in America has under 100 members, and there are proven principles and practices that can help these churches break the 100 barrier and experience growth in Sunday School.
Finding & Enlisting Leaders 1 – 1.5 hours One of the hardest tasks of Sunday School leaders is to recruit new people to leadership roles. Learn to apply 10 principles for recruiting and enlisting leaders effectively so that you never dread the process again
One Verse Evangelism 1 hour Learn how to share your faith with only one verse of Scripture. This workshop is a must for all teachers who want to confidently share a clear and easy to understand gospel presentation.
Starting & Surviving Multiple Sunday School Hours 1 – 1.5 hours Tips for starting a second Sunday school hour are presented by Ken, who led 3 churches to establish multiple Sunday School hours; one church grew from 44 to over 2400+ members
6 Principles for Making Disciples 1 – 1.5 hours Sunday School is a disciple-making ministry, and there are six core principles for making disciples that impact how a group leader guides his or her class to study, organize, and minister.
The Nuts and Bolts of Effective Training 1 – 1.5 hours Learn the best ways to plan and organize ongoing training for your group leaders – training they will love to attend! If you think your people won’t come out for training, think again!
Developing a Discipleship Pathway 1 – 1.5 hours Discover how to evaluate your current discipleship plan and alter it to make disciples through your Bible teaching ministry. You’ll also learn the 8 signposts of discipleship that are the signs of maturing disciples.
Getting the Most out of your Curriculum: An Overview of LifeWay’s Adult Options 1 – 1.5 hours In this workshop we will help attendees learn about the 3 “starting points” for curriculum, how the three main lines of Bible study resources differ from one another, and we will explain the many extra options so that teachers/leaders can get the most out of the materials they choose.

Training Isn’t an Expense – it’s an Investment in the Future

People are your greatest asset. They often determine whether or not a good impression is made upon your guests.  You’ll never go wrong investing in training for your leaders.  Because workshops can include a large number of people, the costs associated with travel and honorarium make on-site training an affordable per-person investment.

Consider partnering with other churches or groups in your area to make training even more affordable.  You might host a conference and invite other churches to participate, charging participants a small fee. Chances are, you’ll recover most, if not all, of your costs.

Training and Growth are Linked

The Georgia Baptist Convention conducted a multi-year study of over 2400 of its churches. The goal was to determine (1) the frequency of training offered at those churches (2) the growth of those churches over the same 4 year period.

The results of the survey demonstrated the following:

  • Churches that had no plan for training volunteer leaders actually shrunk in size by 2.1%
  • Churches that provided either monthly or quarterly training grew an average of 13% over the same time period

Typical costs associated with a training event

  • Mileage or airfare
  • Meals while traveling
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Honorarium


If you need longer-term help, consulting may be the right way to go. A customized plan can be developed for you and your church.  I most recently entered into a consulting agreement with a church in middle Tennessee that found itself in transition in its Christian education ministries. I developed a customized plan to help the new staff leader acclimate to his role, including specialized training and topics relevant to his experience and life stage. I also conducted an extensive room-by-room space analysis for the church and made recommendations about classroom locations, gaps in the organization, and starting new groups.


    • Linda, just go to kenbraddy.com and sign up in the right sidebar menu…you’ll only have to enter your email address, and then daily posts will be delivered there around 7:45AM CST. Thanks! Ken

  1. Bible studies for life: fall 2018.thanks for your excellent material.
    However,in the November 4 th lesson in the students book, there is an error. On page 125, next to last paragraph, last sentence, it says ….. so he pleaded with God for healing. Check the scripture for the accuracy of this.

    • Ann, thanks for reaching out. By “students” do you mean “adult students”? If yes, which version are you using? Young adults? Adults? KJV adults? Senior adults?

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