Training & Consulting

I would be honored to spend time with your group leaders, and to work with you to customize the content so that it fits the needs of your church family. I’ve delivered keynote addresses and led workshops and conferences for churches and other organizations in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Idaho, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, South Dakota, and New Mexico.

If you’d like to visit about bringing me to your location, click here to go to the Contact Me page and we can begin a conversation about creating a live event for your leaders.

Training Isn’t an Expense – it’s an Investment in the Future

People are your greatest asset. They often determine whether or not a good impression is made upon your guests.  You’ll never go wrong investing in training for your leaders.  Because workshops can include a large number of people, the costs associated with travel and honorarium make on-site training an affordable per-person investment.

Consider partnering with other churches or groups in your area to make training even more affordable.  You might host a conference and invite other churches to participate, charging participants a small fee. Chances are, you’ll recover most, if not all, of your costs.

Training and Growth are Linked

The Georgia Baptist Convention conducted a multi-year study of over 2400 of its churches. The goal was to determine (1) the frequency of training offered at those churches (2) the growth of those churches over the same 4 year period.

The results of the survey demonstrated the following:

  • Churches that had no plan for training volunteer leaders actually shrunk in size by 2.1%
  • Churches that provided either monthly or quarterly training grew an average of 13% over the same time period

Typical costs associated with a training event

  • Mileage or airfare
  • Meals while traveling
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Honorarium


If you need longer-term help, consulting may be the right way to go. A customized plan can be developed for you and your church.  I most recently entered into a consulting agreement with a church in middle Tennessee that found itself in transition in its Christian education ministries. I developed a customized plan to help the new staff leader acclimate to his role, including specialized training and topics relevant to his experience and life stage. I also conducted an extensive room-by-room space analysis for the church and made recommendations about classroom locations, gaps in the organization, and starting new groups.


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  1. Bible studies for life: fall 2018.thanks for your excellent material.
    However,in the November 4 th lesson in the students book, there is an error. On page 125, next to last paragraph, last sentence, it says ….. so he pleaded with God for healing. Check the scripture for the accuracy of this.

    • Ann, thanks for reaching out. By “students” do you mean “adult students”? If yes, which version are you using? Young adults? Adults? KJV adults? Senior adults?

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