Training, Coaching & Consulting


I will work with you to customize the content of the training so that it fits the needs of your church. I’ve delivered keynote addresses and led training for churches and other organizations in Texas, Oklahoma, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Mississippi, Kentucky, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio, Idaho, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, South Dakota, and New Mexico. If you’d like to visit about bringing me to your location, click here to go to the Contact Me page and we can begin a conversation about creating a live event for your leaders.

TRAINING (Virtual)

If you have the technology, I can design a virtual training event for your leaders. You’ll save on the expenses of travel, hotel, and meals as I provide on-line training through Zoom. Your leaders simply gather with you at your church, I’ll lead the training via Zoom, and provide you with follow-up questions to de-brief the training with your people.


Need some ongoing support and encouragement? A weekly, monthly, or quarterly plan can be crafted to fit your schedule, budget, and unique ministry context. You’re in the driver’s seat since you set the agenda and topics. Coaching is about helping you uncover the right solutions.


If you need more intensive short-term help, consulting may be the right way to go. A customized plan can be developed for you and your church.  Some things that can be a part of a customized consulting relationship include:

Bible Study Organization Review – I’ll review your organization, enrollment, and attendance, looking for gaps that represent new or underserved people your church can reach.

Website recommendations.  I will help you more clearly communicate discipleship options and opportunities to your guests.

Demographic survey. I’ll provide a detailed demographic report on your church and help you identify ministry opportunities in your community and in your groups ministry by analyzing the latest census data.

Space analysis. I’ll prepare a thorough space analysis based on data you provide. I will make recommendations to maximize your space in order to grow your disciple-making ministry.

Budget review. I’ll give advice regarding your budget to maximize your impact through Sunday school, discipleship, and small group ministries that you currently provide.



    • Linda, just go to and sign up in the right sidebar menu…you’ll only have to enter your email address, and then daily posts will be delivered there around 7:45AM CST. Thanks! Ken

  1. Bible studies for life: fall 2018.thanks for your excellent material.
    However,in the November 4 th lesson in the students book, there is an error. On page 125, next to last paragraph, last sentence, it says ….. so he pleaded with God for healing. Check the scripture for the accuracy of this.

    • Ann, thanks for reaching out. By “students” do you mean “adult students”? If yes, which version are you using? Young adults? Adults? KJV adults? Senior adults?

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