Lifeway Providing “Top-Shelf” Training for Teachers…So Can You!

In just a few hours, Sunday School Week at the Ridgecrest Conference Center begins.  Ed Stetzer and Thom Rainer are among the guest speakers who will talk about the connection between Transformational Churches and their Sunday Schools.  Hundreds of Pastors, Ministers of Education, Sunday School Directors, and Teachers will descend on the conference center for an intense weekend of training and encouragement.  Here are a just a few of the workshops being offered for conferees:

  1. Assimilation – The Most Important Closed Group
  2. Making Curriculum Fit My Church
  3. How Can I do Sunday School on a Shoestring Budget?
  4. Recruiting New Leaders:  How to Enlist Great Leaders
  5. Teach with Passion
  6. Discovering and Developing Leaders Through the Sunday School

Wow…that’s only a fraction of the workshops available to conference-goers.  Great evening worship, fellowship, and the beautiful Smokey Mountains are a great backdrop for this event! Even if you’re not a part of this year’s event, consider taking some of the workshop titles above, tweak them for your church, and host your own “Sunday School Week” – make it a special Saturday event for your teachers, and invite leaders from other churches close by.  Your state convention and local association might be able to help you launch a training event…so make a quick phone call or send them an e-mail.  I bet your teachers are just as hungry for training as the ones traveling into the Ridgecrest Conference Center right now!

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