The 3 Types of Learners in Every Classroom

There are three primary learning styles and each of us prefers one of them over the others.    If teachers do not understand and build teaching plans that engage all three types of learners, then many of the learners will struggle to discover  spiritual truth, and Sunday School lessons will not be as meaningful or memorable to them.  Wise teachers understand the characteristics of all three types of learners and plan their class sessions accordingly.


10 Characteristics of Visual Learners

  1. Like to see words written down
  2. Prefer to see a picture with something being described
  3. Enjoy a time line to remember historical events
  4. Like to see pictures printed with content
  5. Enjoy creative writing & art activities
  6. Like charts, maps, graphs, etc.
  7. Enjoy multimedia presentations
  8. Prefer small group discussion
  9. Study materials by reviewing notes
  10. Organize thoughts in outline form

10 Characteristics of Auditory Learners

  1. Remember what they hear
  2. Like to talk through concepts
  3. Good listeners
  4. Remember by talking out loud and through verbal repetition
  5. Verbally express themselves while learning (“Oh, I get it!”)
  6. Like classroom discussions
  7. Remember verbal instructions without writing them down
  8. Like interesting lectures
  9. Hard to work quietly for long periods of time
  10. Enjoy listening to stories

10 Characteristics of Kinesthetic (hands-on) learners

  1. Enjoy acting out a situation through drama
  2. Volunteer to be in role plays
  3. Like making something
  4. Like to physically handle learning materials
  5. Remember and understand by doing
  6. Take notes to keep busy, then throw them away
  7. Can’t sit still for long periods of time
  8. Like crossword or other types of puzzles
  9. Like using computers
  10. Animate…often talk with their hands

It is important for teachers to understand which of these three learning styles they prefer as learners themselves, because the preferred learning style tends to become a teacher’s preferred style of teaching.  Many teachers tend to dominate the teaching time with the same teaching style week after week, and their learners don’t fully engage in the teaching-learning process since their preferred style of learning is not addressed very often, if at all.

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s time for teachers to spice up things in the classroom.  Make an intentional effort to appeal to all three types of learners….they’ll love you for it.

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