Minister of Education Roundtable is 7 Days Away

The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma has sponsored what has become known as the M.E. Roundtable for the past 4 years.  This year’s event is scheduled for Monday, November 14.

Three guests will serve on the panel this year:  Allan Taylor (FBC Woodstock), Jeff Young (Prestonwood Baptist Church), and Bill Taylor (long-time champion for Ministers of Education).

The livestream will be located on a friend’s blog that afternoon ( and there will be a link on Bob Mayfield’s blog that will direct participants to the livestream.

The Roundtable will tackle issues relevant to ME ministry today, and also the future work of the minister of education, and what we can do as MEs to be more effective in the 21st century.

The livestream will be in two parts:  Part 1 (2:00-2:45) and Part 2 (4:00-4:45), CST.  There is no charge for participating in the event, so please promote this opportunity in your network!  You don’t have to be a minister of education to participate!  Pastors, teachers, and Sunday School directors would all benefit by listening in on the discussion at this year’s event.

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