Focus on Resources: Explore The Bible’s “Facelift” for 2012

This is my blog’s 100th posting since launch, and I wanted to let you know about some great revisions that have been made to LifeWay’s Explore The Bible curriculum for adults.  The editorial team has worked tirelessly to bring about some changes that have made it even more user-friendly and functional for both leaders and learners.

Rather than me listing out the changes, click the ETB Revisions link below to view a PDF presentation that is interactive and listen to my friend, colleague, and project leader for all ETB products, Dr. G. Dwayne McCrary, explain the new changes and how they will benefit teachers and learners!

As always, thanks for dropping by, reading the blog, and passing it along to friends and colleagues who are passionate about Bible Study, God’s Word, and Sunday School.

ETB Revisions

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