Help Teachers Think Like Missionaries and Change Your Sunday School

I’ve had the privilege of creating 3 and 6 hour training workshops around David Francis’ 2011 book Transformational Class, and I’ve done the same with his new book in order to lead state training for Nevada and California Sunday School leaders.  His 2012 book Missionary Sunday School continues developing the themes presented in Transformational Class.  In Missionary Sunday School the focus is on three key concepts that exist when leaders and teachers have a missionary mindset:

1.  One Mission

2.  His Story

3.  Every Person

Here is how LifeWay describes the book:

Missionary Sunday School is the second book in a series that takes key principles from LifeWay’s Transformational Church research initiative (the largest research project ever conducted on the North American protestant church) and offers practical suggestions on how your church’s Sunday School ministry could become transformational.

While the first book, Transformational Class, briefly addressed all of the elements of Transformational Church and how they affect Sunday School, this second book in the series takes a closer look at just one of the elements: Missionary Mentality. Author David Francis strives to answer the question “What might a Sunday School class or small group look like if it saw itself as a missionary enterprise—thinking and acting out of a missionary mindset?”

The very idea of a Sunday School class or small group acting from a missionary mindset may be jolting to some. Over the years, “Sunday School” has become almost synonymous with “Bible Study.” Likewise, the most common word to describe “Small Group” has probably been “Community.” Of course, most Sunday School classes enjoy community, and most small groups enjoy Bible study. It is the rare class or small group, however, which discovers the joy of becoming a missionary enterprise. This book explores that idea in depth.

Author and Bio:
David Francis is Director of Sunday School & Discipleship at LifeWay Christian Resources. Before joining LifeWay in 1997, he served as minister of education at First Baptist Church in Garland, Texas. David and his wife, Vickie, are actively involved in all three morning services at First Baptist Hendersonville (TN). They teach preschoolers (Pre-K is their people group), they’re part of a new adult Bible study class, and they participate with their church in corporate worship.

The book retails for only $1.50 and is the best value you’ll find for training your teachers.  A companion resource kit has 10 monthly leadership meetings for teachers.

Click here to jump to the Missionary Sunday School page on to learn more

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