Calvinism or Arminianism…which way does your church lean?

John Calvin

If you follow blogs and internet chatter with any regularity, you’re fully aware of the ongoing conversations among SBC leaders and church members about Calvinism.  A recently conducted survey by LifeWay research uncovered the theological leanings of SBC churches (according to the pastors of those churches).

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One comment

  1. Ken, I am probably a sophisticated thinker of Biblical issues with my background in Bible study and sitting in on some of the better preachers of God’s word, yet after reading the article on the SBC churches’ leanings, I was unable to sort out the questions asked. The article was very explicit it informing all of percentages of pastors’ reactions in and out of the SBC but was lacking in a report of the meaning of the various terms in the interviews. If the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who will prepare himself for the battle?

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