Reimagined curriculum delivers on 3 key promises

BSFL Adults LogoFor the past year I’ve had the privilege of being involved in the redesign of LifeWay’s best-selling curriculum line, Bible Studies For Life.  The improvements are amazing, and the entire line has been redesigned with group leaders, church leaders, and church members in mind.

Bible Studies For Life will deliver on 3 key promises:

1.  Connect the unconnected

2.  Strengthen families

3.  Disciple people with wisdom

Every church has people who haven’t connected with a small group yet.  You see them every Sunday…sitting on the back row, slipping into the worship service and then slipping out to the parking lot, missing out on building relationships in one of your small groups.  Bible Studies For Life will provide promotional videos that are short, high-quality, and designed to compel people to become part of a small group for a specific 6-week study – show the promo video in the worship service and give people a way to express interest in being involved in a 6-week study.  Bible Studies For Life will also have new, life-centered topics that people will want to study.

Bible Studies For Life will strengthen families by helping parents use the One Conversation guide each week to have a meaningful spiritual conversation with their kids.  It’s a practical way to live out Deuteronomy 6:6-9.   Twice a year, every age group will align for six weeks and study the same Scripture passages.

Bible Studies For Life will help churches disciple people with wisdom because the curriculum is built on the latest research that went into the book Transformational Discipleship.  No longer do groups have to bounce from pet topic to pet topic.  Now you can be assured that they are studying key life issues and biblical concepts that make for a balanced learning experience over time.

In future posts I’ll show you how we’ve improved the leader guide (major improvements!) and the Personal Study Guide.  Group leaders and group members who’ve tested them are giving high marks to the layout and design features.

Want to learn more?  How about getting 3 free lessons for preschoolers, kids, students, and adults?  Click here to go to the Bible Studies For Life preview sight!


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