Want more people in your Bible study groups? The answer today at 12 noon CST!

BSFL Adults LogoHow would you like your church’s Bible study groups to connect the unconnected?  Do you feel any need to help strengthen families and the spiritual conversations they have during the week?  Would you like to know that you are discipling people with wisdom and not allowing Bible study to happen in a haphazard way?

If you could answer yes to those questions, sign in and participate in a free Bible Studies For Life simulcast today at 12 noon CST.  The broadcast takes place from LifeWay’s headquarters in Nashville, TN., and features Dr. Eric Geiger, Ronnie Floyd, Ron Edmondson, and others who will show how the new Bible Studies For Life can help your church connect the unconnected, strengthen families, and disciple people with wisdom.  Click here to sign up for the free simulcast.

You can download the free adult and student BSFL apps in the iTunes store (just search for Bible Studies For Life). You can also click here and get free samples for adults, students, and kids.  See promo videos, scope and sequence info, advisory team members, and a lot more!

Here are a few key features of the new BSFL (I should know…I’ve given my life and work to this extreme updating of LifeWay’s best selling curriculum in 2012/2013!):

  • One Point – each Bible study session has one key point, not 3 or 4, so that group members can understand and remember the key biblical concept.
  • One Conversation – a new tool to help parents talk with their children about the topics the family is learning about in their Bible study groups
  • 5 Discussion Questions – each adult and student lesson have 5 outstanding questions that have been crafted by Sunday School and small-group experts. They will generate lots of great discussion among group members and get everyone talking.
  • Easy-to-use Leader Guide – we’ve simplified everything so that the new leader guides are intuitive and simple for busy leaders to use.
  • Prayer Request/Journaling space – each session in the adult and student Personal Study Guides ends with a a place for group members to write down the prayer requests of their fellow group members. There is also an area for personal journaling so that a person can see how God is using the studies to transform their life.
  • iPhone and iPad apps – if you prefer a digital version of the Personal Study Guides, go to the iTunes store and get the free download and two sample lessons

There are even more unique features of Bible Studies For Life. I hope you’ll take a look and see how this new curriculum can help your group and your church!

Shoulder to shoulder,




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