Should you give your Bible study group Eye Candy? Jesus did.

Are you familiar with the phrase “eye candy”? I heard it first used of Star Wars Episode 1. It eyerefers to something that is visually appealing. As in the case of the movie, it meant there were lots of images to see, fast-paced action, and that the movie was overall very pleasing visually. Eye candy is sweet. Eye candy is fun. Eye candy is engaging. But is it something you should serve up to the members of your Bible study group?

Did you know that some of the people in your Bible study group learn best through visual means? I’m one of them. We like eye candy. We prefer to see things rather than listen to an interesting lecture. Images engage us. We just can’t look away. We even prefer visuals over hands-on activities. I’ll listen to you, but I’d rather see something you’re talking about. If you want me to pay attention, give me some eye candy.

If you want to engage a significant number of group members, you must learn to use more visuals. Telling group members about something is good; showing them is better.

Here are a few ways you can serve up some eye candy to your group members. Use these things to communicate biblical truth, and watch your people become more engaged. If a picture is truly worth a thousand words, then let’s start painting!

  1. Movie clips (my favorite source of good, clean clips:
  2. Posters
  3. Maps (professional ones, or the kind you hand-draw)
  4. Timelines
  5. Charts
  6. Objects used in object lessons
  7. Watching a drama
  8. Drawing
  9. Computer presentation like PowerPoint or Keynote
  10. Passing around an iPad or other tablet with an image to view
  11. Worksheet, study guide, jot sheet, or fill-in-the-blank
  12. Costume
  13. Replica of biblical garments

If you aren’t accustomed to using visuals as you teach, just remember that Jesus did. He pointed to fields white unto harvest, He wrote on the ground, He showed His disciples the great temple while predicting it would be destroyed one day, and He called a little child to Himself to illustrate the kind of faith and trust needed to enter His kingdom. Jesus was an expert at using visuals to communicate His Father’s truth.

To learn more about engaging your visual learners, consider picking up a copy of the book 7 Kinds of Smart. It will help you understand how to appeal to the visual learners in your group

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