Thank you. Gracias. Merci. Danke. Arigato.

This is my most last post of 2015, and by the title you can tell that I’m saying thanks. Thanks to Thanksall of you who have subscribed to my Sunday School/groups/leadership blog some time in the past. To date, I’ve created almost 300 posts to encourage you in your teaching and leadership roles. Over 1238 of you have recently found the blog and subscribed – it’s been a truly grass roots effort, fueled by the way you respond to the posts, pass them along, and encourage others you know to swing by, take a look, and subscribe themselves.

The genesis

I began this blog almost 4 years ago because of my passion to equip, encourage, and train Bible study group leaders. It makes no difference to me whether your group meets on Sunday mornings at the church campus, or on some other day in a home, restaurant, or office. I want to encourage all people who are responsible for teaching God’s Word to do their best, because people’s eternities are at stake. People’s minds are at stake. The future of our churches and groups are at stake. There’s a lot riding on what you and I do as group leaders. Make no mistake about that.

Something you should know

I have never made a dime from my work on this blog. I do not sell your names to other people who then pursue you to sell you something. I have created this blog and its posts of my own free will, simply because I want to help – the company I work for didn’t ask me to do it. My passion to partner with you is what drove me to create 2 to 3 posts each week on a variety of subjects that I thought would benefit group leaders.

Partner with me

One of the best things you can do to help others in their Bible teaching ministries is to pass along the blog content when you read a post that speaks to your situation. Put it on Facebook, tweet about it, and help get the word out so that others may find the site and subscribe. I’ve made it easy to do that with social media buttons at the bottom of each blog post. I am continually surprised when I have a conversation with someone who is thousands of miles away from my location, but has discovered my blog and has used it in their ministry to encourage their group leaders – what a thrilling thing to hear from time to time!

My favorite title

I am currently working toward a doctorate in education ministry. At some point in the near future, people will begin officially calling me “Dr. Braddy.” That will be a fun day, I have to admit! But the title that I will cherish even more than that is “teacher.” I know that at some time when my life is over, some of the people I have taught the Bible as a Sunday School teacher will come to my viewing or speak to my children or my wife at my funeral and identify me as “their Sunday School teacher.” I cannot think of a title I would prefer more than that of teacher. It is a tremendous privilege. It is an honor bestowed on us by the people we lead. May all of us who are called “teacher” by the people in our groups be found faithful, creative, hard-working, and diligent in our efforts to explain the Word. May we be found successful in our attempts to live out the Word, and to encourage others to do the same. And may we all one day hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

I’ll see you in 2016! May the Lord richly bless you and your family during this Christmas season. May the One who emptied Himself and tabernacled among us bless you and keep you. May the Holy Spirit empower you and your teaching so that the truth of the gospel penetrates hearts and lives.

Shoulder to shoulder,

Ken Braddy


  1. Thanks for your work. It is indeed helpful. May you and yours have a wonderful Christmas celebrating our Savior’s birth.

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