Take a free test drive of smallgroup.com and begin creating customized Bible studies

A short while back I wrote a blog post about sermon-based Bible study groups. I listed several challenges of that approach to Bible study (you can read that original post by clicking here). But I planned to write a follow-up post to introduce you to a new tool that can help you take a sermon-based philosophy and create even better Bible studies, and today is that day. In fact, the tool I’m about to tell you about can help you no matter what your philosophy of Bible study may be. And I’ll tell you later how to take if for a two-week test drive – for free! I have written numerous studies for this new online platform, and I know each of the team members. They are experts in crafting Bible studies, and they lead groups in the churches they attend. This new team of people are ready to serve you and your Bible study needs.

Introducing smallgroup.comsmallgroupcom_logo

Imagine that you can quickly search an online database by book of the Bible or by topic. You can also search for Bible studies that have an accompanying video. Imagine that you have thousands of studies to choose from. Now imagine that you can take any of those studies, quickly change the discussion questions (or add to them), add additional commentary, place your own illustrations in the teaching plan, and much more. Well, it’s a reality, and the tool works just like it should – It’s “Apple and Google simple.” And it’s a powerful tool to help you create studies your people will love. And you’ll save time in the process, and you’ll create better Bible studies.

6 ways can you use smallgroup.com at your church

There are several ways for you to take advantage of smallgroup.com’s abilities. The tool is searchable, easy to use, intuitive, powerful, and lets you create customized studies quickly. Here are some ways for you to use this new tool to create custom studies:

  1. Sermon-based groups:  Use smallgroup.com to create a customized study built around the pastor’s text. Add your own discussion questions to the half-dozen or more questions that are already a part of a study you’ll find listed by chapter and verse. As a group leader, you will have even more great discussion questions plus commentary to add depth to the Bible study.
  2. Home groups:  Provide the tool to each group leader and give them access to over 1000 studies that can be quickly customized. You know the study will contain trustworthy content from LifeWay, Plus group leaders get an easy-to-follow teaching plan and commentary on the verses in the Bible study.
  3. Sermon series:  Each spring, a pastor I served with liked to take the church through a stewardship study. Now with small group.com, you can create 2, 4, 6, or 8 week and longer Bible studies on any topic.
  4. Sunday night or Wednesday night Bible studies:  If you are responsible for leading a Bible study, now you can quickly customize a study, add your church’s logo, replace key words with verbiage used by your church, etc. When you are done, it will look like you spent hours creating a study that is perfectly suited for your group.
  5. Create a special occasion series: Need a study for an adult VBS class? How about a study on a particular topic? Perhaps you are a student pastor and you need some Bible studies that can be taught at your upcoming DiscipleNow Weekend, or during group time at summer camp. Use smallgroup.com to craft quick and easy Bible studies.
  6. Ongoing Bible study groups (Sunday school): If you use an ongoing curriculum, choose a ready-made study and supply it to your group leaders. They’ll have additional commentary and questions to ask their group members in addition to the ones in their curriculum series’ leader guide.

Two week free trial

If you’d like to take small group.com for a test drive, you can have up to two weeks of free access to every facet of the online tool. Click here to jump to the small group.com landing page, create an account, and start creating customized studies. You can also view sample studies to make sure that what you are getting is right for you and your church. The smallgroup.com team doesn’t want you to have any surprises.

Request a custom study

If you don’t find a study listed in a search of Bible books, chapters, and verses, just email the smallgroup.com team, and within a few days the team will send you a customized study based on your request!

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