7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Adults

Today’s blog post is an excerpt from a book by Barbara Bruce. 7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Adults is a nice 7 Ways of Teachingsummary of Howard Gardner’s research at Harvard University and his discovery of 7 ways people learn. He called these 7 “intelligences.”

I’ve chosen the following excerpt because it doesn’t deal with any of the seven intelligences. Rather, it helps to remind us of why we teach our Bible study groups. I hope you enjoy the story of Giacomo Puccini!

“Giacomo Puccini, creator of such classic operas as Madama Butterlfy and La Boheme, became morally ill. When he knew he was dying, he decided to create one more opera. His friends attempted to discourage him, but Puccini persisted and implored them to finish his work should he die before it was completed.

When Puccini died in 1924 Franco Alfano completed Puccini’s work on Turandot, the final opera. When Turandot was first performed April 26, 1926, in Milan, Italy, Arturo Toscanini conducted. At one point the music ended abruptly. Toscanini turned to the audience and said, ‘This is where the master died.’ Then he took a deep breath and continued. ‘And this is where his friends continued the master’s work.’ Toscanini then turned back to the orchestra to finish the work Puccini began.

Jesus was a master teacher. He died…it is up to us, his friends, to take his teachings and continue his work throughout the world.” (7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Adults, p.11).


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