Teaching Tip: Engaging Your Verbal/Linguistic Learners

Howard Gardner’s research through his work on Project Zero at Harvard University demonstrated that group studypeople learn in multiple ways – seven in fact. He called these “multiple intelligences” – and the idea is that every one of us is smart, but we learn in different ways.

Verbal/linguistic learners are one of those types of people. People in this category learn best through written and verbal methods of teaching. In almost every place where people learn, this is the most-preferred of the seven learning intelligences!

Words that catch the attention of verbal/linguistic learners are:

  • debate
  • discuss
  • review
  • examine
  • explain
  • paraphrase
  • read
  • recall
  • summarize

Teaching methods that appeal to verbal/linguistic learners:  lecture, question/answer, brainstorming, case study, resource persons, listening teams, personal sharing, oral reading, debate, interview, writing words for songs, monologue, dialogue, paraphrase Scripture, storytelling, panel, skit, games.

For more information on this topic, purchase a copy of Barbara Bruce’s book 7 Ways of Teaching the Bible to Adults. She covers each of the seven intelligences in detail. Click here to jump to her book on Amazon.



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