Teaching Tip: Generate Conversation by making One Simple Change

If your Bible study group isn’t talkative, It may be because your people expect to simply listen to you speak about the Bible. Recently, a substitute teacher taught my Bible study group, and he commented to the group, “Wow, you guys are a talkative bunch.” He was prepared to deliver a good Bible study, but he wasn’t prepared for the way my group has learned to learn.

His observation made me feel great because I’ve worked hard to make sure my group members feel the freedom to speak. They aren’t there to hear me “teach a lesson.” Instead, the group time is their time, and we allow the Holy Spirit to teach us through the life experiences, wisdom, and experiences we all have. To make that happen, conversation must take place.

One Simple Change to Boost Conversationlectern

If you normally use a lectern in your classroom (assuming you’re teaching on on-campus group!), you don’t necessarily need to “lose the lectern.” Instead, make one simple change: add a chair next to the lectern. When you want to generate discussion, ask a question and sit down. If you continue to stand over your group, you’ve placed yourself in a position of authority and the people will wait for you to supply an answer in most cases. But when you step out from behind the lectern and sit down with your group, you are now in a position to be one of them. It’s less intimidating for group members to respond to your questions when you are sitting with them, not standing over them.

Make that one simple change and watch discussion in your group get a nice boost!

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  1. Ken,

    Really thankful for your posts. While I can’t read it everyday, there is some super helpful stuff here.

    I appreciate you!


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