10 ways to make “Promotion Sunday” benefit your groups ministry

Yes, it’s that time of the year again – August – and the dog days of summer. For many churches, Augustpromotion sunday contains a special Sunday when kids’ and student Bible study groups promote up to the next grade level. This normally coincides with the start of school, and savvy churches take advantage of what is called “Promotion Sunday” to call attention to their groups ministry. Are you taking full advantage of this once-a-year Sunday? Here are 10 things you can do to capitalize on this special day.

  1. Preach a message about the importance of teaching God’s Word. This is a great Sunday for the pastor to remind the church of the importance of teaching God’s Word and to challenge the church’s members to serve as group leaders in all age groups.
  2. Recognize Sunday school teachers in the church’s worship service. Asking teachers to stand, or calling them to the front of the worship center where they can be prayed for, is a way to remind the congregation that the church’s Bible teaching ministry requires many dedicated workers who give selflessly of their time.
  3. Pray for group leaders and directors. Ask the congregation to pray for group leaders and those who direct the church’s age group education ministries. This could be done in the worship service, or individually as part of a person’s daily devotion time.
  4. Have members talk about their Bible study group from the platform. Enlist a few church members to briefly share why they value their Bible study group. These group members can call attention to things they appreciate like the good Bible teaching, relationships with fellow group members, the ministry they do together as a group, and much more.
  5. Have an enrollment emphasis in the worship service leading up to Promotion Sunday. Challenge guests and unconnected members to fill out an expression of interest card that you’ve placed in the worship guide. Use the information to get people connected to groups before Promotion Sunday.
  6. Ask group leaders to contact absentees. In anticipation of Promotion Sunday, it would be very appropriate for group leaders to reach out to absentees to remind them about taking part in Promotion Sunday. It’s information they need to know, and they also need to know they are missed and that someone cares about them.
  7. Have a focused time of training. Promotion Sunday is a good time around which to schedule a big annual training event for your group leaders. It’s a smart way to kick off the new year of Bible study, and you can share enrollment and attendance goals, and cast vision for the church’s Bible teaching ministry.
  8. Advertise your post-Labor Day Bible studies. Enrolling people in your groups ministry in August is made easier when you are heavily promoting the Bible study that is taking place in September. Call attention to the theme or Bible book being studied by your adult groups ministry. If your groups ministry uses many different studies, then promote titles and meeting places so that people know their options.
  9. Update the church’s print and digital media. As Promotion Sunday approaches, you need to take time to update any printed brochures you give to guests. Accurately list teachers and classrooms, and then use that information to update online data at the church’s website. Remember that many people begin their visit to your church by taking a look at your website for key information – and it needs to be right.
  10. Spruce up your building and grounds. Promotion Sunday is the perfect day to put your best foot forward. Have carpets cleaned, make sure touch-up painting has been done, and de-clutter classrooms, trim bushes and grass, and re-stripe the parking lot if needed.


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