The Pastor as Sunday School Champion

Today’s blog post is an excerpt from Allan Taylor’s book, Sunday School in HD. Allan is a friend and cheerleadercolleague, and knows the importance of Sunday School having a champion (or champions). Here is what Allan says about this…

The first key leader of the Sunday School ministry is the pastor. The pastor’s role of leadership in Sunday School cannot be overstated. It has been my observation that Sunday Schools rise and fall with the pastor’s perspective of the work  of Sunday School within the context of the local church. Some pastors understand the vital role Sunday School plays in the church while others do not. There are two key functions of the pastor’s leadership in Sunday School. The first function of the pastor’s Sunday School leadership is being a champion. That is, the pastor must champion the cause of Sunday School. To do this, he must understand the role Sunday School plays in his church…The second role of the pastor’s Sunday School leadership is being a cheerleader. No one can encourage people like their pastor because people love to please their pastor.

Pastors like Johnny Hunt, Vance Pitman, and even one I’ve served with in Texas strongly encourage people to attend a Sunday School group. These pastors have even gone so far as to tell members and guests, “If you only have one hour you can give, go to a class and do not come hear me preach.” Now that’s support!

Thank your pastor for his support of your Sunday School, and look for some new ways to help him continue to lift it up as an important ministry in your church. Here are a few ways pastors can be champions and cheerleaders for Sunday School:

  1. Talk about it in sermons
  2. Attend a group
  3. Teach a group
  4. Regularly interview people/families during a sermon about the importance of Sunday School to their family
  5. Train the greeters to know the Sunday School’s options so they are well-prepared to escort guests to the right classes
  6. Emphasize the importance of belonging to a Sunday School group when there is a New Member’s Class

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