Tuesday Teaching Tip: Know the 3 Types of Learners & What They Prefer

There are 3 kinds of learners in each of our Bible study groups. These three types of learners include (1) learning-modalitiesauditory learners (2) kinesthetic learners (3) visual learners. Every group will have a mixture of all three kinds of people. As teachers, you and I must know the differences each one of these has from the others. We must also be careful not to let our own learning preference (I’m a visual learner) overpower the other two kinds in the way we guide people in the Bible study. As a visual learner, I must make sure that I don’t primarily use methods that appeal to visual learners. If I do, I am ignoring the other two kinds of learners in my group. Think “balance, always.”

  1. Auditory learners – These learners pay careful attention to the sound of your voice. Their motto might be, “Tell me something.” Auditory learners will actively participate in group discussions, and they enjoy responding to discussion questions. They enjoy interesting lectures, plus they are great at remembering instructions.
  2. Kinesthetic learners – These learners like to touch things – that’s how they learn best. Their motto might be, “Let me do something.” Kinesthetic learners enjoy holding objects and they enjoy creating things with their hands. These guys are active learners – they want to do something.
  3. Visual learners – These learners learn best when they can see what you’re talking about. Their motto is “Show me something.” Visual learners like charts, maps, posters, PowerPoint slide decks, and object lessons. They also appreciate being able to clearly see the marker board, and they love having a handout. They will often sit towards the front of your meeting place so they can have an unobstructed view of the focal wall, including things like the marker board and any posters and maps you use.

Like it or not, all three kinds of learners are in your group. The only question is, “How will you engage each learning preference through the course of your Bible study?”

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