6 ways to lay out the welcome mat to your guests

In yesterday’s blog post I covered 3 mistakes groups make that drive guests away. Today I thought I’d welcome-mat-2post a more positive article and focus on 6 ways you and your Bible study group can make guests feel welcome.

  1. Stop what you’re doing and speak to them – I was setting up my classroom just a few weeks ago when one of our church staff leaders brought a guest to my room. The guest and his wife showed up right when I was completing my setup of the room for the group’s Bible study. I immediately stopped what I was doing and introduced myself, engaging in conversation with them for a few minutes before helping them meet a couple from the group.
  2. Call them by name – Once I’d been introduced to the visiting couple, I wrote their names down at the top of my leader guide. I was able to introduce them to the group by name, but more importantly I was able to call them by name during the Bible study. It’s been said that “nothing is as sweet to a person as the sound of their own name.”
  3. Invite them to come back – You might think this would happen by itself, but it doesn’t! Make sure that you extend an invitation for the guest to return the next time your group meets for Bible study.
  4. Sit with them in worship – If your church’s schedule allows for it, invite the guest to sit with you and your family during the worship service. My wife and I did this with a guest couple, and we had a delightful conversation with them.
  5. Invite them to lunch – Everyone’s going to eat somewhere. Why not invite your guests to join you for lunch? Even if they cannot accept your invitation, they’ll be thankful that you asked.
  6. Send them a thank-you – Call, email, or write to your guest and thank them for visiting your group. Offer to answer any questions they have, and by all means encourage them to return and visit again.


  1. You would think all the above would be the norm. If some churches didn’t do what I call the “Boy, Howdy Welcome”, people would barely speak to each other, member OR guest!

    • Emily, just have Dan subscribe for free at the blog and he’ll get every one I post Mon-Fri. kenbraddy.com

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