Tuesday Teaching Tip: Think-Pair-Share

The teaching technique known as Think-Pair-Share can be used in Sunday School or small groups very bible studyeffectively. It is not limited in its use by the size or location of the group. The goal of this teaching technique is to help group members think critically, increase their confidence, and stimulate the learning experience of the group. The entire exercise takes about 10 minutes.

How does Think-Pair-Share actually work?

  • The group leader assigns a question for each group member to ponder individually.
  • After a minute or two, the group leader instructs group members to pair up and talk about their response to the question. This is when collaboration and clarification take place.
  • The 2-person teams report back to the larger group and explain their thinking and response to the question. By meeting with another person and talking through responses to the question, a teacher can raise the confidence level of shy students who would not normally speak up in a group setting. Reporting back to the big group is easier once a person has processed their thinking with another individual.

This technique is simple and it works in any setting – living room, classroom, or even an off-campus location like a Panera Bread!

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