3 reasons you need a sidekick in your Bible study group

Smart Bible study leaders have an apprentice teacher by their side. A Mr. Spock to their Captain Kirk. Abatman Tonto to their Lone Ranger. A Robin to their Batman. Sidekicks are just as important in Bible study groups as they are in the world of fiction. Do you have an apprentice teacher? Is anyone by your side? If not, you might want to consider getting one. Here are 3 reasons why you need a sidekick:

  1. Apprentice teachers are future teachers. Where will future teachers come from? Some will walk into a church and join the congregation, bringing their spiritual gift of teaching with them. Most, though, are going to be “home grown.” These apprentice teachers will be part of a farm team approach to developing talent, much like the kind used by baseball teams as they plan for future seasons. Without apprentice teachers, gaps will take place in a church’s Bible study organization and groups will not have the teachers they need.
  2. Apprentice teachers add variety. Another reason to have an apprentice teacher in each Bible study group is to add a level of variety. While an apprentice may learn from the group’s primary teacher, he or she will bring their own unique backgrounds, gifts, and passions to the teaching-learning process. They won’t teach just like the primary teacher, but instead will bring something fresh and new to the group when they teach.
  3. Apprentice teachers create an expectation of division…the good kind. Maybe the best reason to have an apprentice teacher is because it signals to the group that it will “divide” at some point. The creation of a new group (call it “birthing” or “franchising” or something else) is made possible because of the apprentice teacher’s willingness to be an understudy for a time prior to launching and leading a group of his or her own.


  1. Ken, Good one friend. Hey, we meet with another association and if they need leader equipping, I am going to recommend you to them. Just FYI. Sincerely, Eddy Pearson

    Dr. Edward J. Pearson, D.Min Co-Facilitator Church Life Team AZSBC 2240 N. Hayden Rd. Scottsdale, AZ. 85257 phone: 1-480-945-0880

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