7 ways to liven up lectures

Today’s blog post is an excerpt from the book The 3D Sunday School by David Francis. In this outtake, I 3d-sunday-schoolfocused on a section of the book in which David gave some great counsel to teachers whose primary method of teaching is lecture. He’s got some great suggestions on how to liven things up. Here is what David had to say:

The lecture method is an effective teaching method when used appropriately. Despite years of encouraging teachers to use a variety of teaching methods, however, teachers often rely on just this teaching approach. Is the lecture a bad teaching method? Of course not! Many people are verbal learners who prefer lectures to other teaching methods.

If the lecture is your preferred teaching approach, here are some ideas for adding life and energy to the experience.

  1. Make an assignment to a class member to research a particular word or place and give a brief report in class.
  2. Use visuals such as maps, posters, and teaching pictures.
  3. Participate by asking questions, allowing learners to provide responses.
  4. Use appropriate humor.

What can learners do to liven up lectures?

  1. Ask questions!
  2. Accept assignments from the teacher when asked.
  3. Read the lesson before class, marking it up for areas of interest or discussion.


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