Sunday School Matters

Friend and co-worker Allan Taylor has just released a new training resource for churches. This trainingsunday-school-matters series, Sunday School Matters, will help local churches build, expand, and maintain a healthy Sunday School ministry. Use it to train workers in the skills required to grow a viable Sunday School and bring vibrancy to your church.

The kit features 50- to 60-minute video training sessions and topics range from leadership, vision, and teaching, to evangelism, care, and the structuring of this vital component of a healthy church.

1. Leadership Matters
2. Vision Matters
3. Souls Matter
4. Teaching Matters
5. Transformation Matters
6. Curriculum Matters
7. Ministry Matters
8. Organization Matters
9. Assimilation Matters
10. Growth Matters
11. Groups Matter
12. Now Matters

If you’re looking for a resource to use in training your group leaders, you might want to check this one out!

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