Tuesday Teaching Tip: Please Be Kind and Rewind

Do you remember the classic phrase that every video store in the country used not so many years ago? rewindThey asked customers to “Be Kind…Rewind.” In those days it was important to rewind in order to get back to the beginning of the video tape.  By rewinding, the next customer was ready to view his movie. It simply got you back to the beginning.

Rewinding in your Bible study group

Most Bible study groups follow a curriculum series. The one I use, Bible Studies For Life, organizes its studies into six-session blocks. Another one I’m a big fan of, Explore the Bible, spends 13 sessions exploring a book (or books) of the Bible.

As you approach the end of a Bible study series, savvy group leaders will “be kind and rewind.” Those group leaders realize it’s important for people to process what they’ve learned. Group leaders encourage their group members to “rewind” and look back over the studies they’ve recently covered before moving on to a new series. Group members are encouraged to review and share what they’ve learned – those things that God has been teaching them. Perhaps they’ve discovered a new way to serve, became aware of a new spiritual truth, or changed their thinking based on the words of Scripture. Rewinding allows people to have evaluative time in order to process the important things they’ve learned through your teaching.

If you teach a Bible study, make time during that last session of a study series to allow people the opportunity to talk about the ways God is transforming them through the study of His Word.


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