The Oxygen Mask Priority and your Bible Study Group

We’ve all experienced the monotony of listening to pre-flight announcements on an airplane. Most flight-attendant-oxygen-maskpassengers ignore the instructions from the flight attendants. I’ve seen people reading books, flipping through magazines, or listening to music. Almost no one pays any attention to the announcements – including a very important one: “In case of emergency, put on your oxygen mask first.Then help those around you.” On one Southwest Airlines flight, a particularly funny stewardess told passengers that they would want to place an oxygen mask on their own face before helping even their own children. The stewardess advised us that if we were traveling with two or more children to “start with the one who has the most potential.” It got a big laugh that day.

Oxygen Masks and Bible Study Groups

If a plane’s cabin were to depressurize, it would be imperative that each passenger wear an oxygen mask. Without it, a person would pass out from a lack of oxygen. It would create a very serious situation indeed.

Group leaders must put on their own “oxygen mask” before they are in a position to help the members of their Bible study group become mature disciples. What kind of oxygen mask am I talking about? It’s obviously not a real oxygen mask!

Your Daily Devotional Time Provides Oxygen For Your Soul

Before you can lead your group to explore and apply God’s Word, you’ll want to “put on the oxygen mask of His Word.” You must do this before you are in a position to help others.

Jesus knew the importance of having time alone with His Heavenly Father. He often retreated and began His day alone, praying and seeking His Father’s blessing, presence, and grace. If this was Jesus’ own example and practice, how much more so do we need to practice breathing in the rich oxygen that comes from God’s holy Word?

Start Today

Get in the habit of teaching from the overflow of your life in Christ. Meet with Him in His Word each and every day. Pray. Listen. Do.

Ezra 7:10 is one of my favorite Bible verses. In it we learn that Ezra diligently sought the Lord. “Now Ezra committed in his heart to study the law of the Lord, to obey it, and to teach its statutes and ordinances in Israel.” The word “study” is from a Hebrew root word meaning “to pursue.” It has the idea of treading over the same ground until you capture your prey. Ezra pursued God in His Word until he caught the meaning of the text. He encountered the Living God. He obeyed. Then he taught others. He put on his oxygen mask first, then he helped others.

The company I work for has created a wonderful mobile app that will deliver devotionals right to your smart phone or Kindle devices. Go to to begin a free 14 day trial. Have your choice from among several devotionals for adults. Put on that oxygen mask. Then help others.



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