Tuesday Teaching Tip: Start on Time!

My church recently changed its Sunday morning schedule, and the members of my LIFE Group are clockfinding it harder and harder to be in class at our start time of 8:45AM.

I find myself making a common mistake many teachers make, and I know better. This past Sunday only seven people were in class at our designated start time of 8:45 AM. I engaged in small talk with the people who were there. I kept delaying the start time to give people a few more minutes to arrive. And there’s the mistake – I delayed the start of our Bible study to accommodate the late arrivers, rather than starting with the ones who were there on time.

Starting on time:

  1. Sets a good precedence.
  2. Honors the group members who make the effort to be on time themselves.
  3. Signals to the group members that our Bible study time is valuable – too valuable to waste delaying the start of the study.
  4. Grooms the people to arrive on time – few people like coming in after the Bible study has started, and it’s just awkward for everyone when that happens.


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