Tuesday Teaching Tip: Arrive early and do a “pre-flight check”

Tuesday’s teaching tip is about time – arriving early to your Bible study group if you’re the leader. How 1c573c8early should you arrive? I like to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of any Bible study I lead. If I wait until almost time for the study to start and then arrive, I’ll end up scurrying around, distracted and dazed as I try to set up for the Bible study, while at the same time carry on conversations with early arrivers. Even worse, if a guest shows up early (which they always seem to do) I won’t have any time to devote attention to them.

If you arrive 20 minutes early, you can do all of the following as a “pre-flight check” and be ready for your the first person to arrive:

  1. Check the room arrangement and rearrange it if necessary.

    Pilots always arrive early and complete a pre-flight check
  2. Turn on and double-check any A/V equipment like TVs, DVD players, computers, tablets, etc.
  3. Check the room temperature – if it’s too hot or cold, people’s attention will be distracted.
  4. Place a nametag on each chair, and a black Sharpie marker in every third seat.
  5. Set up any displays, posters, etc., that you are using as visual aids.
  6. Go to the restroom.
  7. Make some coffee and set out some snacks.
  8. Set out a stack of extra Personal Study Guides for potential guests to use.
  9. Pray!
  10. Greet the first early arriver with a smile, a handshake, and an clear, uncluttered mind!

One comment

  1. Yes! I learned this teaching Bible class and still do it when I lead a conference session or a discipleship class. The attendees will see the difference it makes when you are prepared. Good article Mr Ken.

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