Tuesday Teaching Tip: Encourage Learning Outside the Group Experience

Your Bible study doesn’t have to be the culmination of the learning experience – it can become the 15279947961_40217eb213_zstarting point of a journey. Most Bible studies are designed to provide a complete and satisfying experience in the time allotted. However, savvy group leaders will encourage group members to learn beyond the group’s study experience. Learning outside the group experience can be meaningful, challenging, and stimulating to adult learners.

To encourage your adult group members to stretch themselves and continue learning, choose one of these options:

  1. Before you lead the Bible study, come prepared to hand out an assignment that has simple step-by-step instructions. This assignment is to be accomplished by group members after the study is over, but before the next time the group officially meets.
  2. Ask for a volunteer to provide a mini-lecture on a subject that is related to the Bible study you’ve just completed. Give the person until the next time the group meets to research the subject, pen their thoughts, and provide an interesting presentation about the assigned topic.
  3. Challenge group members to select an application step (found either throughout or at the end of most Bible studies). The next time your group meets, follow up before pressing forward with the new Bible study. Call for volunteers to share what they learned as they applied portions of the last Bible study to real-life situations.
  4. After your Bible study, email participants with an additional question or a challenging assignment you want them to complete prior to your group’s next gathering.

The possibilities for learning outside the classroom are limited only by your own creativity!


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