Tuesday Teaching Tip: Keep your group off-balance

It’s good to keep your group members just slightly off balance. By that I mean it’s good when they cannot tightropepredict exactly what will take place in your Bible study group week after week. A simple way to communicate that something will be different is to simply rearrange your meeting space. Making a small change or two in the way your room is arranged can build anticipation on the part of your group members. They’ll wonder what’s going to be different during your Bible study.

  • If your group meets in rows, rearrange the room into  several half-circles. When people can see each other’s faces, it will enhance communication.
  • Reorient the room toward a different focal wall. If your group members are accustomed to facing a particular focal wall each week, face the chairs toward a different wall. Use wall-size Post-It Notes to create a temporary marker board on the new focal wall. Even a small change like this can signal that something is going to be different during your Bible study.
  • Bring in tables. I am not a fan of tables in the room all the time (they take up too much space and reduce the number of people who can actually be in the room). But from time to time, bring in round tables, or create a large “U” using rectangular tables.
  • Do any of the above in reverse! If your group is normally around tables, remove them and arrange the room in half-circles or groups of 5-6 in smaller circles. If your group meets in circles, put them in rows one week.

In baseball, we’d call this “throwing a curve ball.” The idea is to do something unexpected. Be slightly unpredictable. Keep your people slightly off balance.

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