Are you Conducting Potential Worker Training?

My friend and colleague Wayne Poling wrote a book many years ago titled Conducting Potential Sundaywayne School Leader Training. The book is now out of print, but I managed to find a copy through Amazon. I was thrilled when the book arrived last week (it was in good shape).

Mondays on the blog are all about sharing a paragraph or two from a book on Christian education. Even though Wayne’s book is out of print, it contains great ideas for conducting ongoing potential worker training – something many churches have forgotten to do regularly.

Here is what Wayne has to say about the importance of engaging potential workers and turning them into regular ongoing volunteer leaders:

Invariably churches that consistently do effective Sunday School work train and equip their Sunday School leaders. No better place to begin can be found than with persons who have not yet determined where they would like to work in Sunday School. No better training can be offered than to help persons select an area in which they would most enjoy serving in Sunday School and then to equip them for service…Recall a trip during which you stayed in an unfamiliar house. Do you remember feeling insecure as you walked across a dark room in the middle of the night? You did not know what was ahead of you or what you might run into. Many new Sunday School workers feel that way. They suddenly find themselves tossed into a new place of service. Like waking up in the middle of the night, they do not know what to expect or where they are going. Prior to beginning their service, potential Sunday School workers need to be enlightened on what to expect in each area of Sunday School work. Instead of walking in fear, potential workers can walk in confidence, because they know what is expected of them.

Potential worker training gives people a chance to be trained from 4 weeks up to as many as one quarter. The potential worker gets to observe a real classroom and work with a designated leader/mentor. The result of potential worker training is normally a reduction in turnover and a more satisfied and prepared group leader.

Ask yourself some important questions:

  1. Does my church have potential worker training?
  2. Could I be the one to lead this kind of training for my church?
  3. Am I willing to serve as a mentor/leader to someone who is considering becoming a group leader?


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