Tuesday Teaching Tip: Take A Stand

Physical learners are among the 8 types of learners in your Bible study group. These people appreciatestanding making things with their hands, touching a prop or object used to communicate a biblical truth, or any kind of physical activity. Today’s teaching tip is all about your physical learners.

Instead of asking a question of the group and waiting for someone to raise their hand, use the Take A Stand Game to do the same thing, but get the people physically involved. Here’s how it works:

  1. Pose a question to the group that requires a binary response…yes or no…agree or disagree.
  2. Ask the group members to stand up.
  3. Instruct the group members to move to one of two opposite corners in the room depending on their response to your question – all those who say “yes” to the question should move to one corner, all those who say “no” should move to the opposite corner.
  4. Call on people at random to explain or defend their answer to the question.
  5. Ask additional questions several times and allow people to change corners as they respond to different questions.

It’s a simple tool that gets people engaged physically in the Bible study, creates movement, reduces boredom, and is fun!

Don’t just ask a question of your group next time you meet – use the Take A Stand Game to get your physical learners

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