Bless those who serve

Yes, I’m posting something that could be perceived as self-serving. Here goes, any way! I am in New Orleans attending the BACE Conference (Baptist Association of Christian Educators). I checked into my hotel room late last night, and on the dresser in my room I found the card to the right. Prior to my arrival, this lady had been in my room, cleaning and polishing. She served me and made sure this weary traveler had a clean, comfortable room when I arrived. She’s a servant. I wondered how many times she leaves these cards on dressers, beds, or nightstands, and gets no thanks from the people who stay in the rooms she so carefully prepares? Plenty, I bet.

Bless those who serve

Before I leave for home, I’ll write her a short note and leave a tip (I bet that doesn’t happen often – when’s the last time you tipped the person cleaning your hotel room?). I want to be a blessing to her.

Then it occurred to me that the same thing happens with the men and women who teach our kids, students, and even us adults. We are indebted to God-called group leaders who prepare Bible studies each week, serve tirelessly, and minister to us for no pay – they do it simply because it’s the right thing to do. They do it because God has called them to a teaching/shepherding ministry.

To bless the men and women who teach us and our kids, consider doing some of the following:

  1. Write a thank-you note and give it to the leader of your adult group (and have your kids do the same for the men and women who teach them).
  2. Ask your group members to chip in and buy your leader a gift card or two to his/her favorite coffee shop, home improvement store, etc.
  3. Bake something. Bring a basket of goodies to present to your group leader.
  4. Pray for your group leader – pre-enlist a few people to lift the person up in prayer at the end of a Bible study session and surprise them with this special blessing.

Get creative! There are many more ways to bless those who serve.


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  1. Hey – our Minister of Ed & his wife are there with you (Doug & Lynnette Powell, FBC Garland TX). Thank YOU for your practical & wise posts each day — always appreciated. Yes, my hubby & I tip our housekeepers at hotels. Great idea… we all enjoy a ‘thank you’ for our service.

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