Friday Hot Links 4-21-17

I’d like to officially welcome almost another 100 new subscribers to the blog, including a group of education pastors who participated in LifeWay’s recent M.E. Essentials Conference.

I’ve added a new tab on the home page of the blog for all of you who use LifeWay curriculum in your Bible teaching ministry. The new tab is “LifeWay Teacher Helps” and this page contains links to teacher helps each week. There are sermon outlines, extra discussion questions, and video training sessions – all free. Why would I add this particular page? Because almost 3M people a week use LifeWay’s “ongoing” Bible study curriculum, and teachers are always looking for ways to save time – and oh yeah…my teams create the stuff!  I hope you’ll enjoy this new resource page. If you teach from Explore the Bible, Bible Studies for Life, or The Gospel Project, come here each week and save some time with these helpful free resources! You might want to share with  your group leaders if you haven’t already and invite them to come to the site and get these free helps.

Now – the hot links! As you know, I post links to articles and podcasts from trusted sources around the web. Happy reading this weekend. May the Lord continue to bless you, your group, and your church as you teach His Word!

Shoulder to shoulder,

Ken Braddy

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