Tuesday Teaching Tip: Complete the Story

Here’s a unique teaching procedure that will challenge your group members and stretch their thinking and creativity! It’s called “Complete the Story,” and here is how you can use it the next time you teach.

Complete the Story

This teaching technique is a creative writing assignment. You can send it to your group members before you meet (asking them to bring it with them to your study), or you can do it in your group’s Bible study.

Complete the Story should take about ten minutes to finish in your Bible study, and it sets up “what if” situations for group members to ponder and write about.

Here are some examples, but you can make up your own:

  • You are the boy with the loaves and fishes. What do you tell your parents when you return home for your family’s evening meal?
  • You are the little girl that Christ raised from the dead. What did you write in your diary the day after you were brought back to life?
  • You are one of the wedding guests in Cana, and you happened to see Jesus turning water into wine. What did you think about this miracle?
  • You are the Apostle Paul. You’ve just been beaten badly by Judaizers and left for dead. As you recover, what are you thinking about them, your mission to the Gentiles, and life since meeting Christ on the Damascus Road?

This kind of teaching technique allows group members to synthesize biblical stories with their feelings and thoughts, and it gives a creative outlet to group members. You may be surprised at the depth of insight that some of your group members come up with in their creative writing assignments!


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