Friday’s Hot Links – April 28, 2017

I’d like to welcome 67 more subscribers to the blog this week – glad to have you aboard! I am happy you found the blog, and equally happy that you are finding the daily posts helpful in your teaching/groups ministry wherever you are. If you have stumbled into this blog, you can jump from this post to my home page and sign up to receive daily posts Monday-Friday. It takes about 30 seconds – just use the field in the upper right corner to enter your email address…that’s it!

Here’s a quick reminder about a new feature on the home page of the blog: I now have a tab at the top of the page to LifeWay Teacher Helps. This page has links to all three of LifeWay’s most popular curriculum lines:  Explore The Bible, Bible Studies For Life, and The Gospel Project (used by millions of people weekly). If you use those at your church, you might think about sharing the blog with your fellow group leaders and encourage them to use those links to find extra helps as they prepare to guide their Bible study groups.

Hot Links

Here are some links to trusted articles and podcasts from friends around the web. I hope you’ll have some time this weekend to read or listen to some of them!

May God bless you, your church, and your group!

Ken Braddy

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