Tuesday Teaching Tip: Rotation Stations

Here’s a fun twist your group members are guaranteed to talk about for weeks! It’s called Rotation Stations, and it’s easy to create. Hang 4 wall-size Post-It Notes in all four corners of your room. Create 4 different activities for group members to do (in groups of 3-4) at each station (you write instructions on the Post-It-Notes before group members arrive). For instance:

  • Station 1:  Look up Scripture verses you have written on the Post-It-Note. Note similar words or phrases.
  • Station 2: Discuss a question written on the Post-It Note.
  • Station 3: Using another Post-It Note, butcher paper, or posterboard, create a picture that relates to an aspect of the Bible study.
  • Station 4: More of the same!

The idea is to be creative and have fun with this. Group members will need to be placed into 4 groups (have them number off 1-4, or come up with another way for them to get into 4 groups). Allow no more than 10 minutes per station, then call time and have groups rotate until they have accomplished the task at each of the 4 stations.

Quickly debrief the 4 stations and make application.

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