How many PowerPoint slides should you use?

I recommend this book!

Tuesday’s teaching tip is for all of you who like to use PowerPoint or Keynote occasionally as a teaching aid. I realize that many of you may have “master teacher” classes in large rooms, and you may use PowerPoint each week. From one of the absolute best books on the market about using PowerPoint, Keynote, or another presentation software, are thoughts from the author of the book Slide:ology. It’s become my go-to resource when putting together presentations using PowerPoint or Keynote.

So how many slides are right for a presentation? In Sky’s short eight-minute presentation, she used 200 slides, delivered with an engaging cadence. This quickly paced style isn’t easy and requires practice. In fact, it’s more common for presenters to display one slide every two minutes. But even that rule only goes so far. Some presenters require as many as four slides per minute while others will linger on any given slide for up to four minutes. The point is to use as many slides as necessary to get your point across. And please, try to stick to one point per slide.

So there you have it – great advice about using slides. Again, use as many as you need to make your point, but not more than that. Also, another great rule of thumb is to make sure you have no more than six lines on any slide, and that each line on your slide has no more than six words on it. That goes for the title of your slide, too (called the 6X6 rule).


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