Tuesday Teaching Tip: Do This 50% Less

Tuesday’s teaching tip is for group leaders who guide students and adults to study the Bible. It is a tip that seems counter-intuitive, but it works. In fact, it will change you and your group permanently. What is the tip?

Talk 50% less.

It would seem you’d do just the opposite. Group leaders have studied and prepared. They have lots of information to share with group members. But that’s exactly what causes some group members to bolt and run! People want to talk. They want to be heard. They bring life experiences to the group and have much they can contribute. If allowed.

So if you have 40 minutes to do Bible study together as a group, don’t plan to fill up that time with things you’ll say. Instead, say half as much and ask great discussion questions. Let your group members have ownership of the study by giving them the chance to talk and answer questions.

  • It takes pressure off of you, the group leader, to fill up the teaching time.
  • It means that you don’t have to be the “talking head” expert – your people will have good insights into the Scripture, too.
  • Your preparation time will be cut in half.

Are you teaching later this week? Talk 50% less!


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