11 Ways to Encourage People to Use Their Personal Study Guide

Richard Edfeldt, LifeWay Church Partner

Today’s blog post is a “part 2” of the one from yesterday, July 26, 2017. In yesterday’s post, Richard Edfeldt helped us understand why Personal Study Guides are essential in the development and spiritual growth of disciples.

Today, Richard wraps up those thoughts with 11 ways you and I can encourage people to use the Personal Study Guide before, during, and after a Bible study:

  1. Ask a group member to be prepared to share a summation of a section of the study material.

  2. Email/Message/Facebook group members about their response to a particular quote on a page.

  3. Break the group into smaller groups to compare responses to an assigned part of the study.

  4. Encourage use of the application questions in small groups during the group Bible study.

  5. Encourage recording prayer requests in Personal Study Guide margins.

  6. If you are the group leader, refer to some of the study questions throughout your Bible study.

  7. Ask a member to be prepared to present a report on a doctrine, person, or event that is in the Personal Study Guide.

  8. Tweet a quote (with page number) from the Personal Study Guide to your group members to encourage them to look it up and consider its meaning in light of the rest of the Bible study.

  9. Encourage group members to frequent the blogs on the curriculum’s website for additional insights and information about each week’s Bible study.

  10. Remind the group members of their responsibility in the discipling process – and how daily reading and interaction with their Personal Study Guide can help accelerate that process.

  11. Have group members create accountability partners who will check on each other’s personal preparation for the upcoming Bible study through phone calls, social media, and email.

I want to say thanks to Richard and his fellow Church Partners who so diligently serve the local church with their knowledge, time, and experience. They are truly making a difference on “the front lines.” I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Richard’s thoughts about Personal Study Guides, their importance in the disciple-making process, and how you can encourage their use by group members.


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