3 ways to encourage your group to pray

Psalm 63 reminds us to earnestly seek God in prayer. How can you help your group members strengthen their prayer lives within the context of your Bible study? Here are 3 ways:

1. Set aside adequate time for prayer when you meet. If you want to encourage your group to pray, then make the time. Don’t rush into your Bible study too quickly, but instead give group members time to open up and express their needs. Starting your group’s Bible study on time will give you maximum time for prayer requests. I like my group’s prayer requests to be voiced at the beginning of our group time; if I wait until the end of our meeting time, I frequently find myself rushing to squeeze in the prayer requests at the end of the Bible study I’m wrapping up.

2. Take time to celebrate answered prayers. Every Bible study group, whether on the church campus, in a home, at a restaurant, or in the workplace, needs to stop and celebrate how God has answered the prayers of group members. It’s one thing to make the time to share and pray, it’s something else entirely to look back and encourage one another by the way God is answering your group’s prayers. The fact that God is active, listening, and answering prayers will fuel the prayer life of your Bible study group. Some members will realize for the first time that God cares about them.

3. Practice praying in pairs or triads. We’ve all been in a Bible study group in which group members share prayer needs with the entire group. Consider placing people in pairs or triads to pray for one another and watch the change that happens relationally between members of your group! People begin to take ownership of relationships when you pray this way, and they tend to naturally follow up with the people they are praying with.

There you have it. Three easy ways to strengthen your Bible study group’s prayer life. How will you change things up in your group this week?

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