Be the catalyst your church needs you to be

Today’s post is a different kind of teaching tip (Tuesdays are reserved for teaching tips on the blog). In order to grow your group and/or your church’s Bible teaching ministry, you’ll need more teachers. My teaching tip today is, “Be a catalyst.” The apostle Paul told young Timothy to take the truths he’d heard Paul teach and preach and trust them to capable men who could teach others, who in turn would teach others (2 Timothy 2:1-2). Our next generation of teachers starts with each of us who guide a Bible study group, so here’s a simple process for being a catalyst that makes it happen:

  1. You teach – the other person watches. Ask the other person to observe what you do and how you teach. Meet with them to de-brief and explain the actions you took while guiding the group’s Bible study.
  2. You teach – the other person assists. At this stage, the other person has observed you for a while. Now you invite them to lead a portion of the teaching time. This helps them to experience a “win” and gain confidence.
  3. The other person teaches – you assist. As your apprentice gains confidence, they continually take on more to do while assisting you in the teaching process. Now they teach the group, and you’re there to lead a small portion.
  4. The other person teaches. Now the person is ready to be on their own. You can enlist another apprentice teacher, and repeat the process.

If those of us who teach Bible studies would adopt this simple four-step process, we could be catalysts in raising up a new generation of leaders.


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