Tuesday Teaching Tip: 7 ways to divide your group

From time to time you may need to divide your group into smaller groups for the purpose of more fully engaging them in the Bible study. Here are a few ways you can divide them:

  1. By birthday – ask your group members to line up according to their birthday, then group them in triads or quads.
  2. By height – ask group members to line up from shortest to tallest, then group them in triads or quads.
  3. By weight – just kidding! Don’t do this one.
  4. By numbering off – ask group members to number off 1-2-3. Group all the 1’s together, 2’s together, etc.
  5. By alphabetical order – line up your group members by first or last name.
  6. By the color of shoes they are wearing (or type of shoe)
  7. By gender. This will create all-guy groups or all-girl groups.
  8. By eye color.

You get the idea! There’s a lot of ways you can group up your people. Be creative! How many other ways can you think of?


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