Tuesday Teaching Tip: “Everyone’s A Teacher” Exercise

This particular teaching tip gets group-wide involvement. It also raises individual accountability during the session. Every person in the group has the opportunity to act as the “teacher” of the group for a brief moment. Here’s how you implement the “Everyone’s A Teacher” procedure:

  1. Place an index card on each participant’s chair prior to their arrival for the group study.
  2. Introduce your session’s topic.
  3. Read the focal passage you’re studying in this session.
  4. Instruct your group members to jot down a question that comes to mind about the topic, something they heard when the Scripture was read, or something else related to the study.
  5. Collect the cards and randomize them.
  6. Distribute one card to each person and ask them to silently read the question on the card; ask them to consider how they’d respond to the question.
  7. Invite group members to read the question on their card, and their answer to the question.
  8. Call for other volunteers to add to the discussion related to the group member’s answer.
  9. Continue as long as you have volunteers (don’t force people to get involved!).
  10. Thank the group members for participating in this teaching exercise.

This is just one way to make certain everyone in your group is dialed in and ready to engage in your Bible study.


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