Tuesday Teaching Tip: How to Effectively Use Storytelling

When you are studying a narrative Bible passage, try storytelling. Storytelling provides a way to explore many facets of a Bible study. In storytelling, you’re trying to get your group members to react to a story in ways they wouldn’t in a traditional Bible study setting. Here’s how to effectively use storytelling in your group:

  • Tell a story from Scripture. You can do this from memory, or you can read it word-for-word from the Bible.
  • Ask group members to group up in pairs and share what they believed to be the main points from the story.
  • Debrief the story by asking group members:
    • To describe their reactions to the story.
    • With which characters did they most closely identify? Why?
    • What do they consider to be the main point of the story?
    • If they could write a different ending to the story, what would it be?
    • To identify how the story relates to us today.
    • To retell the story in their own words.


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