Teachers: God’s Shepherds for Groups

Last year I had the honor of co-authoring a fourth book with LifeWay Sunday School Director, David Francis. The book is about to become available, and is titled Shepherd: Creating Caring Community. It’s a part of the 3 Roles For Guiding Groups series published by LifeWay.

In the first book, David and I emphasized three key roles for all group leaders: Teacher, Shepherd, and Leader. Because of the success of that first book, people asked if we could drill down and say even more about those three roles.

So over the last 3 years, we’ve taken a deeper dive into the roles of Teacher, Shepherd, and Leader. Now we’re at the end of that journey, and the “Shepherd” book is about to be released to the public. It’s the last one in the series, and it focuses on the role of shepherd, a key role for all group leaders.

In chapter 2, I introduce the idea that shepherds show care before, during, and after a group Bible study. I share some practical ways group leaders can more deeply show their care before the Bible study, during it, and even afterwards:

To get the full effect, consider picking up a copy of the book later this month! Mark the following landing page and check back every few days until you see this new book posted:  lifeway.com/davidfrancis.


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