Tuesday Teaching Tip: Break the Ice with a Personal Scavenger Hunt

Icebreaker activities can help group members of any size group (1) move around physically (2) meet new people (3) have fun!

There are numerous ways to lead people through an ice-breaking scavenger hunt, so today I’m going to focus on one that requires very little prep on the group leader’s part.

Before you begin, ask group members to number off 1 – 4. Now move them into groups – all the 1’s in a group, 2s in a group, etc.

Ask the men to pull out their wallets. Ask the women to hold their purses. Now the personal scavenger hunt begins! Call for group members to look inside their wallets and purses for the following objects:

  • A restaurant receipt
  • A movie ticket stub
  • A dollar bill printed in the 70s
  • Anything with their photo on it
  • Something that represents a hobby or interest they have
  • A business card (their’s or someone else’s)
  • Nail clippers
  • Etc, etc. etc.

From time to time as you lead the group through this exercise, stop and have them do some deeper-level sharing. For instance, when you ask them to find a movie ticket stub, follow up by asking the groups to stop and share something about the movie: how it made them feel, their favorite scene, a memorable quote, etc. Then continue on to the next object you’ll want them to find.

This is an easy, inexpensive, and spontaneous ice-breaker you can do in any setting at any time.


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