Wholly Kids book should be on your resource shelf

I hope you had a restful and safe Thanksgiving holiday last week. Most of us are back to work today, and here on the blog, Mondays are reserved for sharing excerpts from books that you will find helpful in your teaching/discipleship ministry.

I’m focusing on the book Wholly Kids today. It’s a wonderful, unusual book. Designed for people who lead ministry to preschoolers and children, it could be thought of as “the Bible” for ministry to these young people. It is lighter on words and heavier on images, and that makes for a quick and easy read for busy ministry leaders and group leaders. The book could also be used in a parenting class to help parents understand the cognitive, social, and behavioral changes their children will experience as they grow.

Here is what LifeWay says about this resource:

Helping leaders and parents understand child development just got a whole lot easier! Wholly Kids is an easy-to-read book full of fun illustrations and details about how kids learn. Newly updated with the Levels of Biblical Learning and Bible Skills for Kids, this is a handy book to give to parents and volunteers in your kids ministry, too.


  • Characteristics of Kids (Spiritual, Social, Emotional, Mental, Physical)
  • Information for Preschool Kids, Younger Kids, and Older Kids
  • Boys and Girls Learn Differently
  • Socioeconomic Factors Affect Learning
  • How Do You Learn (Exploring Learning Styles)
  • Creating an Environment for Learning (Relationships, Room Decor, etc.)
  • Guiding Behavior
  • Teaching Special Learners


  • Updated with the Levels of Biblical Learning and Bible Skills for Kids
  • Uses pictures to convey information
  • Easy to read
  • Indexed for ease of use
  • Helps parents and teachers learn about child development
  • Assists teachers in knowing benchmarks for learning


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